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About Us

Ticket Montreal is a team of lawyers specialized in fighting tickets related to the Quebec Highway Safety Code. We offer a quality personalized service that will free you from all your ticket worries

By contesting your ticket with Ticket Montreal, you put all the chances on your side. A ticket is more than just a fine : it's a stain on your driving record, an increase to your insurance premiums and a headache to manage! The good news is that you have the right to contest any infraction and that our team at Ticket Montreal can help you with sound legal advice and representation at regardless of the current state of your file.

Wheter you wish to contest your ticket yourself or that your situation requires the intervention of our experienced lawyers, our team at Ticket Montreal is there to provide you with precious help. Driving is a priviledge, don't lose it!

Our services


  • Legal consult
  • Management of you ticket
  • Analysis of the police repor
  • Plea bargains with the Crown prosecutors
  • Legal representation in Court
  • Postponements

No surprises!

The amounts you see on our site are what you really pay to have our team take care of your file from start to finish, we don't believe in nickel and diming our customers with hidden fees like our competitors. Take a look at our packages by clicking the above prices and you will get all the information you need up front to know what our handling of your ticket will cost you and by talking to one of our lawyers you'll know how much money we can save you!

Contesting a Ticket
Representation in Court
Legal Consult
Restricted License
Revocation of Judgement
Stay of Execution of Judgement
Release from Seizure
Case Postponement

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Ticket Montreal
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