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Restricted License
Release from Seizure
Revocation of Judgement
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Our Services

You can consult our packages by clicking on the above images, you will then find a detailled explanation of our services.

We offer a wide array of services with regard to Quebec Highway Safety Code tickets and their consequences. A lawyer is always available to take your call and answer all your questions free of charge or you can always use our contact us to schedule an appointement or to simply ask your questions.

Ticket Montreal also offers an all-inclusive service to obtain a Restricted License, a Revocation of Judgement or a Release from Seizure and all that at an unbeatable price!

Finally, Ticket Montreal also offers legal representation services with regards to any criminal infraction regarding the driving of a vehicle, be it Impaired Driving, Hit and run or Dangerous driving.


Contesting a Ticket
Representation in Court
Legal Consult
Restricted License
Revocation of Judgement
Stay of Execution of Judgement
Release from Seizure
Case Postponement

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